Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gray - The base for everything

     One of the building blocks that I've been working on with my art is in mixing grays to use in a number of different ways to make the more vibrant colors sing.   Generally mixing  complimentary colors together to get the grays work.    More often mixing ultramarine blue with either burnt sienna and white or raw umber work for a soft gray but vary the gray in your painting by adding some yellow or oranges to it and work the values.

    Always mix a puddle of the colors used in your painting  together  and see if it leans to the cool side or the warm side before adding white for your final gray and again... check your values.   You may need a warm gray or cool gray, darker or lighter... you are the artist.  You choose what is best for your painting, your inspiration, your view, your song. 

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